Sustainable Development Goal 13. Combat climate change

The UN Secretary-General has proposed six climate-positive actions that governments need to take once they begin to rebuild their economies and societies:

- Green transition and decarbonisation: Investment must accelerate the decarbonisation of all aspects of our economy.
- Green jobs and sustainable and inclusive growth - Green economy: makes societies and people more resilient through a transition that is fair to all and leaves no one behind.
- Investing in sustainable solutions: fossil fuel subsidies must end and polluters must pay for their pollution.
- Facing all climate risks
- Cooperation - no country can succeed alone.

To deal with a climate emergency, pandemic recovery plans must bring about long-term systemic changes that will change the trajectory of CO2 levels in the atmosphere.

In recent years, governments around the world have devoted considerable time and effort to developing plans to chart a safer and more sustainable future for their citizens. Getting them on board now as part of recovery planning can help the world recover better from the current crisis.